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Jazz is a full-featured MIDI sequencing and editting package. Jazz provides playback and recording facilities, with support for two types of MIDI driver:

Jazz has two main windows:

[ jazz track screen (17836 bytes) ] [ jazz piano-roll screen (9942 bytes) ]

[ jazz help screen (6723 bytes) ]

Jazz is built using a toolkit called wxwin. This makes it more difficult to build from source, when compared with simpler programs like "playmidi". The attraction of wxwin is that it allows binaries to be targeted to both X11 and MS-Windows.

The current version of Jazz (as at March 1997) is 2.6

Jazz has it's own WWW-page:

Quickstart guide to Jazz

Unfortunately, as with any software package, complexity increases directly with features, and Jazz has a lot of features. ie. there is no substitute for reading the documentation. The diagrams below are intended to give the 1st-time user a quick overview of the features of Jazz available from the mouse.

LMB = Left Mouse Button
MMB = Middle Mouse Button
RMB = Right Mouse Button

Track Window Overview

[ diagram of mouse-functions in track-window (14679 bytes) ]

Recording is done from the track-window by selecting a track (or part of a track), and playing over it. Recorded MIDI events replace the current selection.

Pianoroll Window Overview

[ diagram of mouse-functions in pianoroll-window (10861 bytes) ]

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