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Playmidi is a command-line MIDI file player. It is not an editor - playing midi files is all it does, but it does it very well.

In the case of playmidi, simple does not mean "no features". Playmidi is rich in command-line options, which

[ sample screen from playmidi xterm (2495 bytes) ]
xterm snapshot of playmidi "real-time" ncurses graphics

[ sample screen from xplaymidi (11224 bytes) ]
snapshot of xplaymidi

Because of it's inherent simplicity, "playmidi" gets my awards for:

I recommend playmidi for all debugging and testing of your MIDI setup.

Playmidi does not have a dedicated www-site, but it is included with most Linux distributions. The current version (as at March 1997) is playmidi-2.3 It is available by anonymous FTP from any sunsite-mirror in:


playmidi-2.3 requires a patch in order to support the AWE-32 driver. This is available from the same place as the AWE-32 driver patch.

Quickstart guide to playmidi

playmidi -f myfile.mid
... play on FM Synthsis device (Yeesh!)

playmidi -e myfile.mid
playmidi -D 0 myfile.mid
... play on 1st external MIDI device

playmidi -D 1 myfile.mid
... play on 2nd external MIDI device

playmidi -g myfile.mid
... play on Gravis Ultrasound (sound-patches must be pre-loaded)

playmidi -a myfile.mid
... play on AWE (sound-patches (font) must be pre-loaded)
(requires playmidi AWE-patch)

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