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Timidity is a command-line MIDI file player, along the lines of playmidi, but it is made specifically for non-wavetable audio cards.

Timidity reads Gravis-Ultrasound compatible patch files, and uses these to generate the necessary audio-output for a simple (non-wavetable) audio device.

In short, this means that people with ordinary sound-cards (of the pre-wavetable vintage) can enjoy reasonable quality sound from their MIDI-files.

The current version of Timidity (as at March 1997) is timidity-0.2i

Timidity has it's own WWW-page:

Timidity is also available from sunsite-mirrors, in the same directory as playmidi.

In addition to the Timidity software, you will also need a collection of sound-patches in Gravis-Ultrasound ".PAT" format. GUS sound patches are available by anonymous FTP from the sites listed previously in the section Sound-Patches - How and Why

Quickstart for Timidity

timidity -id -c gravis.cfg -L /usr/lib/gravis-patches myfile.mid

!! -s 22k
... if it sounds "choppy" limit the sampling rate (default is 44k !)

!! -a
... add anti-aliasing filter to improve the "undersampled" sound

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