Sound-Patches - Why and How

If you have a wavetable-based sound-card, you will need more than just the kernel driver software - you will also need

This is because the wavetable sound cards do not come with any built-in sound-samples in ROM. The sounds must first be loaded in to the sound-card's RAM wavetable from disk.


Gravis Ultrasound

A program called "gusload" is included with the OSS/Free sample utilities:


Creative Technology AWE-32

Utilities to load both "Sound-font" files and Gravis Ultrasound patches are included in the utility set which is available from the same place as the AWE-32 low-level driver: utilities:



Gravis Ultrasound sound-patches

GUS sound patches are available by anonymous FTP from:

Gravis Ultrasound Internet Archive Services:

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