Some Perl Resources


  1. Learning Perl by Randal Schwartz and Larry Wall
    O'Reilly & Associates, 1993, ISBN: 1-56592-042-2

    [Front cover of 'Learning Perl']

    The ideal place to start if you don't know Perl and have little programming experience.

  2. Programming Perl by Larry Wall
    O'Reilly & Associates, 1991, ISBN: 0-937175-64-1

    [Front cover of 'Programming Perl']

    If you're going to buy only one of these two books, this is the one to get - covers everything you'd ever need to know about Perl 4.

  3. Other books include: Learning Perl in 21 days from Sams.

The Net

  1. Web:

  2. Usenet:


  1. The Perl man pages

  2. The Perl FAQ
  3. The Perl 5 reference card (in postscript)
  4. Randal Schwartz's "Unix Review" Perl columns
  5. Jim Shapiro, "Prototyping Algorithms in Perl", Linux Journal, August 1995, Issue 16, p 39.
  6. Running Linux, Matt Walsh & Lar Kaufman, O'Reilly & Associates, 1995, p334ff.
  7. CDs from companies such as Walnut Creek and Infomagic. [A Perl CD-ROM cover] [A Perl CD-ROM]

Perl & Linux

Updated: 5 December, 1995