SLiRPing to Monash University, Using Linux

Format based on the WallyFAQ(TM) document, by Christian Wilson :)
Modified for SLiRP by Daryl Moulder.

I have been able to successfully run PPP under the following environments:

Kernel Versions 1.2 to ver 2.0.
dip 3.3.7n-uri (17 April 95)

Make sure that you have compiled the TCP/IP options into the kernel, as
well as the PPP option.

Use this file only if you need these demon's functionality ie for people to
telnet to your machine.

Make an /etc/ file, and make sure it has something like what is shown

# /etc/
# Linux networking startup script. Should be run by /etc/rc.local at
# boot time. Configures the interfaces and starts the deamons.
# It assumes hostname has been set.
echo -n "/etc/ "



#add a route to local host
/usr/etc/ifconfig lo
/usr/etc/route add

echo -n "ppp"

if [ -x $PORTMAP ]; then
echo -n " `basename $PORTMAP`"

if [ -x $INETD ]; then
echo -n " `basename $INETD`"

#if [ -x $NAMED ]; then
# echo -n " `basename $NAMED`"

if [ -x $NFSD ]; then
echo -n " `basename $NFSD`"
$NFSD -f /etc/exports

if [ -x $MOUNTD ]; then
echo -n " `basename $MOUNTD`"

echo ""

Of course ensure that this file is called upon bootup by including it in
your /etc/rc file.

Make a file called /etc/resolv.conf and put in it:


This should be all thats necessary in the way of configuaration files. Now
you require dip to connect to monash.

Create a file called /etc/mon1.dip and put in it:

port ttyS1 (or wherever your serial port is)
speed 38400 (or whatever desired speed)
databits 8 (these 3 lines may not be necessary don't know)
parity N
stopbits 1
default (set default route to be through the modem)
init at&f (set modem initialisation string)
echo on
dial 99059060
if $errlvl == 3 goto d1 (if 'busy' try again)
beep 2
mode ppp (script is primative it does not auto type password
so if there is an error you can see what the problem is
ie if the termial server is down).

Create another file called /usr/local/bin/ppp-mon1 containing:

exec /usr/sbin/dip /etc/mon1.dip

then 'chmod 755' this file.

type 'ppp-mon1' to invoke the shell script.

once you have dialed in an a command prompt appears, type in your annex
name and password at the prompt:-

mts01 port 30 ready: telnet yoyo

once you have logged into yoyo create a file called .slirprc and put in it:

baudrate 15000
asyncmap ffffffff

Then type './slirp <enter>' <enter> = the enter

Type '^]' ^=the control key

Dip will then exit.

This should now allow you to telnet/rlogin/ftp/goofey/etc from your local
machine, using monash as your gateway.

A small reminder for yoyo users: To use this to bypass arnie is considered
"antisocial" and your account, if found out, will be suspended by a member
of the security group. (the 130.194.10 really gives it away).

Have fun!