PPP for Linux - The easy way

Original page by Mark Jones.
Modified slightly by Daryl Moulder


You must first have all the required development packages installed and working on your Linux system - GCC, and all the required include files. This involves installing a lot of the "D" series and "K" series from slackware 3.0. To find out if you do, you should try to compile a very bare kernel if you have never compiled a kernel before. The reasons are, to get you slightly familiar with how to build and install a kernel with lilo and also to verify that you have all the development parts installed. You could try building some of the 1.3.xx series kernels or the 2.0 kernel. do not even compile so if you use one of them to learn how to build a kernel you may have errors that are not your fault and waste your time. Just try to build a kernel with maybe just hard drive support and support for your mouse. Being that it will be your first time building a kernel do not try to take care of all of your hardware. Also you need to install much of the slackware disk series N. This will add all the required networking files and give you 'pico' which is a basic editor.

Once you feel somewhat comfortable building and installing a kernel you can probably pretty easily work through the steps I will list below.

By the way, version 2.0 of the kernal is out. It includes PPP drivers in the kernel source so you only need to download the ppp package for chat, pppd, etc (saves a lot of headache). And it includes support for the Windows 95 filesystem. It also compiles (1.3.87 didn't).

What to download:

What to do:

I will not cover every little detail as my details combined with the README.linux file included with ppp-2.2.0c, and the Kernel HOWTO do a pretty good job I think. Other documents that would be helpful are the PPP HOWTO and the Net-2 HOWTO. Though the PPP HOWTO is pretty much just a list of FAQs and common errors. The Net-2 HOWTO is good for more information on networking in general.

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