Project overview

Project aims

The GIRD Novel Process Control for Waste Water Treatment project is a joint effort between four academic and industry partners:

The goal of the project is to reduce the cost of BNR (Biological Nutrient Removal) wastewater treatment while improving the quality of the effluent, through the application of information technology in the following areas:

Both Sydney Water Corporation and DLAWC have set up pilot plants at the SWC Technology Development Centre (Liverpool, Sydney), where the process monitoring/control systems (including instrumentation) is operating.

My involvement: Instrumentation development

The development of instrumentation capable of monitoring the various chemical parameters used in the waste water treatment process control models is critical for the development of an "intelligent" process monitoring/control system.

While commercial analysers are available for the more common parameters (such as phosphate), there are a number of chemical parameters that currently have no inexpensive, flexible, rapid and commercial analysers available... therefore we are designing these instruments.

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