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Choice of tools MC, debugfs, LDE

and the undelete HOWTO


In my search of the WWW I found a real lack of up to date information on this subject and very few tools. What tools there were only had command line interfaces or at the best a curses interface.

All required that you understand how the ext2fs system was put together this unfortunately still true.

Most problematic of all was that most tools where unable to read a disk bigger than 2 gigabytes this seems to be tied in with when most older tools where written a 2 gigabyte was not in common use and that Linux didn’t have calls to read files larger than 2 gigabytes.

Another huge down side to me was most tools only recovered the Inode and not the filename associated with it.

A talk of tools would not be complete with out the mention of trash can style of undeletion. These are good if installed often they require a patch to the kernel. The ext2fs has flags hooks for an undelete system but the only patch to use this is getting on to two years old. Mike MacCana has pointed out another system to me, his good at finding things but I really have had a chance to play with it as yet.

For other styles of unrm commands look at the links

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