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Ext2fs documentation


Given the wide usage of the ext2fs system it is not as widely documented as you would think. Yes you can wade though the source code for the ext2 system in the kernel sources but its not an easy task. The header files though form the authoritative source for the layout of the structures on the disk.

When I started this sojourn of discovering how to undelete files under linux other people had been there before me. I also discovered why I believe that until the 2.2 series kernels that an undelete tool, like the old DOS Norton was not practical under linux. Also I discovered some of the minor changes to ext2fs had not rippled though to some of the disk tools that attempted to read the ext2fs file system directly.

The main source of ext2fs documentation is with a good but dated description of the ext2fs at

I was writing this I have recently discovered a new book by Dave Poirier that address these problems see the links at the end of this document.

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