The Directory Service

dn: cn=Nathan Bailey, ou=Computer Centre, ou=Computing Services, ou=Staff, o=Monash University, c=au
cn: N Bailey
cn: Nathan Bailey
employeenumber: 12345789
employeetype: Acad Non-Current
employeetype: Both Category
employeetype: Full-Time
employeetype: Non-Acad Current
facsimiletelephonenumber: +61 3 990 54746
gender: Male
givenname: Nathan
initials: N
jpegphoto:: [lots of stuff]
jpegphoto;binary: NOT ASCII
mailautoreplytext: Don't you hate autoreply?
maildeliveryoption: mailbox
monashalias: Nate Bailey
monashcruxuid: NATE
monashgoofeyhandle: okesan
monashgroupmember: emailng-users
monashmatchinfo: crux=cn=N Bailey, ou=Computer Centre
monashmatchinfo: crux=cn=Nathan Bailey, ou=Computer Centre
monashmatchinfo: hackSN=bailey
monashmatchinfo: nr=cn=Nathan Bailey, ou=Computer Centre
monashmatchinfo: teldir=cn=Nathan Bailey, ou=Computer Centre
monashnovellcontext: CLAY.CC
monashunixuid: 12345
monashvaxuid: 01234578
multilinedescription: whatever you want to say
nscallotsstuff: 01234
nslicensedfor: calendar
nslicensedfor: mail
nslicensedfor: news
nslicensedfor: slapd
objectclass: inetOrgPerson
objectclass: mailRecipient
objectclass: monashPerson
objectclass: monashstudent
objectclass: nsCalUser
objectclass: nsLicenseUser
objectclass: organizationalPerson
objectclass: person
objectclass: top
ou: Computer Centre
ou: Computing Services
ou: Network Services Activity
ou: Staff
personaltitle: Mr
postaladdress: Clayton
buildingname: 28
roomnumber: 223
sn: Bailey
telephonenumber: +61 3 990 54741
title: High Level Network Services 
title: Network Services
uid: nate
usercertificate;binary: NOT ASCII
usercertificate;binary:: [lots of stuff]
userpassword: 1234abcd


The Monash Directory Service (MDS) will allow customers to interact with each other using a fast, efficient and extremely easy-to-use database of contact and professional details. The directory is based on the Internet LDAP standard recently adopted by many software vendors. The service provides the opportunity to list descriptive information which enables anyone from around the world with similiar interests or fields of research to contact you. The contact information provided in the directory empowers staff to quickly retrieve the required information about their colleagues, including email address or phone number details. The service is tightly integrated with Netscape, allowing customers to complete the process of finding an individual, emailing them and recording their address in an address book without ever leaving the product.

In production, the directory service will list a number of contact and relational details for staff and students across Monash University. Policy may dictate that some contact information be publicly available to non-Monash people, but the majority of information will be restricted to Monash-only, departmental only or administrative staff only access.