Window Managers


One of the first ones, this merely provided a menu when you clicked on the root window, and provided functions to move/resize windows, etc. It provided no window decorations whatsoever.


``Standard'' window manager shipped with X these days. Adds :

One oddity (and its derivatives VTWM, TVTWM, PieWM and CTWM) is Squeezed Titlebars - instead of taking up the whole window width, the titlebar only takes up the width of the text for the title.


Solbourne Window Manager. Developed at ParcPlace.

From the README :

This requires the ObjectBuilder libraries, so I haven't tried it yet :)


All of these are TWM derivatives, except that they've added a ``Virtual Desktop'' to things, and most of them support use of XPM icons.


Open Look Window Manager. Comes standard with Sun computers. A virtual version is also available. Has nice things like :


OSF's standard window manager. Costs money, eats memory (the Motif shared library is 1.7mb on Linux). ``Nice'' 3D-ish MS-Windows-ish look and feel, also has an Icon Box if you don't like cluttering the desktop with icons. Besides that it's pretty boring, no matter how standard it is. Motif 2.0's window manager is supposedly going to be virtual and will support XPMs, so OSF seems to be attempting to keep up with the Joneses.


The Emacs of window managers. Programmable in Lisp - an MWM emulation is included as a proof-of-concept that you can do something useful in it if you have enough time to play.


A TWM derivative invented by a guy who wanted to be able to run X on his 4mb Linux machine. Since then, it's grown a lot, and includes such niceties as :