Olvwm Features

Virtual windows

Snapshot of Virtual Desktop

Single large virtual display

This can be useful for viewing windows larger than the screen.

Sticky windows

Any window can be "fixed" in the visible screen

Simple menu file format

Single-line entries, no weird punctuation

Pinnable menus

Snapshot of pinned menu

Any menu can be given a "push-pin" (similar to "tear-off" menus), where the menu becomes a free-standing window. (Excludes WINMENU and DIRMENU).


Special menu directive for automatically making a directory of executables a menu. No additional maintenance required when adding executables!

WINMENU "List of Windows" menu

Special menu which give a list of all windows by title, and allows you to "warp" to that window.

Nested menu files

Menu files can be nested. Environment variables can be used to reference nested menus

Icons within menus

Snapshot of menu made with icons

Menu entries can be text or color icons.

Bulk open/close/stick

Built-in menu directives for Open/Close/Back/Stick/Quit allow simultaneous operation on multiple windows.