wm2 & wmx

What are they?

wm2 and wmx are a pair of window managers written by Chris Cannam.

wm2 was written with a very definite, and quite minimalist design strategy. wmx is an offshoot of wm2 which provides the same interface style but which discards the minimalist design.

Where do I get them?

Current versions are wm2 v4 and wmx v4. Source is available from the author's pages at:

wm2: http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~cannam/wm2.html
wmx: http://www.netcomuk.co.uk/~cannam/wmx.html

There are no RPMs or Debian packages that I know of.

What do they have?

wm2 window screenshot with focus

window with focus

wm2 window screenshot without focus

window without focus


Allow you to:

At compile time you can choose:

What don't they have?

Don't have:

wmx window with pixmap decoration

wmx window with pixmap decoration

wmx desktop with channel

wmx desktop with channel

wmx has but wm2 doesn't:

So why use them?



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