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Xwin.org is a community forum for users and developers of X11 implementations and applications to discuss improvements to X11.

Xwin.org is not a fork of XFree86! (hello Slashdot)

Xwin.org currently provides a few services: a website, two mailing lists (xwin and packagers-list), a Wiki, and a bulletin board. The people behind Xwin.org include HP (through Keith Packard and Jim Gettys), Red Hat (through Mike Harris), Debian (through myself and Branden Robinson), GNOME (through Havoc Pennington and Owen Taylor), KDE (through myself and Oswald Buddenhagen), and more - it has a very wide base of community support, consults extensively, and aims to be very open and transparent.

 © 2003 by Daniel Stone <daniel@xwin.org>