Presenting at Linux users of Victoria

Two talks are usually presented at the main LUV meetings. One aimed at beginners, or introducing a new tool, technique, application or distribution. The second talk is generally more technical or goes into greater depth. Both presentations are about 30 - 45 minutes long including time for questions. We also have tutorials and workshops at our beginners meetings on Saturdays which are typically up to two hours long including time for questions, followed by another two hours of discussion and general assistance to members.

Presenters should email Luv Committee with the following details:

  • A talk title
  • A one or two paragraph description/synopsis of the talk.
  • A brief bio note describing who they are, their organisation or area of expertise.
  • Any special requirements. The venue has a projector - which does not always play nice with all laptops - so we suggest presenters should come prepared with the presentation on a USB key, in a range of inter-operable file formats wherever possible.


Make sure the following things are ready to go a few days beforehand

  • Is the VGA port on your laptop ready for action? Plug in a monitor to your laptop, and see if you can output to it. You should make sure that your laptop is capable of outputting 1024x768 @ 60 Hz. Our current venue also supports HDMI output at up to 1920x1080 resolution. VGA and audio cables are available on-site, but you will need to bring your own HDMI cable as the current venue doesn't presently have one.
  • Backup your presentation on some form of portable storage, like a CD , USB memory key, in a couple of different file formats. Just in case of emergencies.
  • Have a clear idea how long you expect your talk to take, and stick to it.

On the day

Please turn up early so we can test your laptop on the projection system in the meeting room, and have time to troubleshoot if it does not work.

Future Talks

If you would like to present a talk at a LUV meeting, or have a suggestion for topics or presenters please send an email with your idea to the Luv Vice President and to Luv Committee.