Java Server Programming for Professionals 2nd edn.

Reviewed by Major Keary

Shroff Publishers and Printers Pvt. Ltd. is a well established company in India and has lately begun releasing titles—under The Team impress—on computer applications. They are competitively priced and well produced.

Java Server Programming for Professionals 2/e is a large (over 1500 pages) hard-covered book with a companion CD containing set-up files for Java EE 5 SDK, MySQL database, MySQL Connector/J, JRE source code for examples in the book, and solutions to exercises.

The content is divided into seven sections:

  • An overview of Java EE 5
  • Java Servlets
  • JavaServer Pages
  • JavaServer Faces
  • Enterprise Beans
  • Client Side Programming
  • Advanced features

The book is designed to provide complete coverage of the design and construction of "secure and scalable, N-tier, web driven, enterprise-wide Java applications using JSPs and servlets for the web based client tier". Readers are assumed to have a background in programming, but not necessarily in Java or at a professional level. A tertiary student doing Java programming as a subject commented that Java Server Programming for Professionals was "Good for a non technical user who does not come from an IT background and has never done any real programming apart from [languages such as] BASIC and LOGO [that are part of a typical] school syllabus". The use of illustrations to support the text helps the reader to grasp the various concepts. In particular, I was impressed by the depth of technical detail (those 1500 pages are not achieved by padding).

Its tutorial style makes the book well suited for self-study.

Bayross and Shah: Java Server Programming for Professionals 2nd edn.
ISBN 978-81-8404-559-8
Published by Shroff, 1 pp., RRP AU$ 65.00

This title can be purchased from the Australian distributor, Woodslane, at


A discount can be redeemed by entering the following code at the checkout:



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