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One of our members regularly writes reviews for IT related books. He's graciously offered to let us host them on our web site. These books and others all become part of the Library of LUV ( also known as "LoL"). If you're interested in borrowing one of these books, put your name on the wiki page and come to one of our regular Tuesday meetings. If you have books you no longer need that may be of interest to our members, you can add them to the LoL by putting them on the wiki page.

PHP 5.1 for Beginners

Bayross and Shah: PHP 5.1 for Beginners; ISBN 978-81-8404-075-3; Published by Shroff, 1225 pp., RRP AU$ 59.95

The use of the term, beginners, may be misleading; the book is intended for programmers and developers who are approaching PHP as a programming environment—at least, at a professional level—for the first time. Topics cover installation of web servers, fundament of PHP, database-driven programming, object-oriented programming, advance techniques, content management, and an integrated development environment.

MySQL 5 for Professionals

Bayross and Shah: MySQL 5 for Professionals; ISBN 978-81-8404-014-2; Published by Shroff, 718 pp., RRP AU$ 44.95

The foreword says that this book is intended to address the needs of programmers [and developers] who want a ready reference to ANSI SQL syntax as implemented in MySQL 5. It is not a MySQL primer, but assumes the reader has professional-level experience in programming/developing. It is well suited to self-teaching; there are plenty of examples and exercises—a companion CD includes the source code for the examples and solutions

Ubuntu: Up and Running

Robin Nixon: Ubuntu: Up and Running; ISBN 978-0-596-80484-8; Published by O'Reilly, 437 pp., RRP AU$ 72.95

The purpose of Ubuntu: Up and Running is to provide new Linux users with a guide to getting Ubuntu—as the title says—up and running. I recommend it to anyone with a serious interest in learning Linux in general and, of course, Ubuntu in particular. Everything one needs to know in order to 'get up and running' is here.

Java Server Programming for Professionals 2nd edn.

Bayross and Shah: Java Server Programming for Professionals 2nd edn.; ISBN 978-81-8404-559-8; Published by Shroff, 1526 pp., RRP AU$ 65

Shroff Publishers and Printers Pvt. Ltd. is a well established company in India and has lately begun releasing titles—under The Team impress—on computer applications. They are competitively priced and well produced.

Head First Excel

Michael Milton: Head First Excel; ISBN 978-0-596-80769-6; Published by O'Reilly, 402 pp., RRP AU$ 57.95

I know that Linux users are unlikely to use Excel, but spreadsheet technology has been around since, so to speak, Bill wore short trousers with a pop hole. Apart from the addition of a GUI and other bells and whistles, spreadsheet applications still work in much the same way as they did in the days of VisiCalc (1979) and SuperCalc (1981).

The CSS Anthology 3rd edition

Rachel Andrew: The CSS Anthology 3rd edition; ISBN 978-0-9805768-0-1; Published by SitePoint <>, 388 pp., RRP AU$ 57.95

An anthology is usually associated with things literary, especially poetry, but in SitePoint's title on cascading style sheets (CSS) its use is a pleasant change from 'cookbook' and 'hacks'. The CSS Anthology, now in its third edition, has a subtitle that sums up its content: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks, and Hacks.

The Art of Assembly Language 2nd edition

Randall Hyde: The Art of Assembly Language 2nd edition; ISBN 978-1-59327-207-4; Published by No Starch Press, 732 pp., RRP AU$ 80.95

 Randall Hyde has a long history of teaching assembly language, including more than a decade was at the University of California. The second edition of his The Art of Assembly Language has been improved by incorporating suggestions and corrections from readers, and has undergone modifications on the editorial side to improve readability.

Beginning OpenOffice 3: From Novice to Professional

Andy Channelle: Beginning OpenOffice 3: From Novice to Professional; ISBN 978-1-4302-1590-5; Published by Apress, 465 pp., RRP AU$ 57.95

Beginning OpenOffice 3 is well-organised, well-indexed, and has a detailed table of contents. It is a comprehensive account of how to use five of the six modules that make up the OpenOffice suite.

VMware Cookbook

Ryan Troy and Matthew Helm: VMware Cookbook; ISBN 978-0-596-15725-8; Published by O'Reilly, 280 pp., RRP AU$ 76.75

The cookbook format can be most effective when done well; O'Reilly is a master of the genre, and the VMware Cookbook is an excellent example. It is succinct, uses clear language, is well-organised, and the content is relevant to the intended audience. A detailed table of contents and a well constructed index make information easy to find.

Learning JavaScript

Shelley Powers: Learning JavaScript; ISBN 978-0-596-52746-4; Published by O'Reilly, 335 pp., RRP AU$ 55

The author of Learning JavaScript observes:

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