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One of our members regularly writes reviews for IT related books. He's graciously offered to let us host them on our web site. These books and others all become part of the Library of LUV ( also known as "LoL"). If you're interested in borrowing one of these books, put your name on the wiki page and come to one of our regular Tuesday meetings. If you have books you no longer need that may be of interest to our members, you can add them to the LoL by putting them on the wiki page.

Understanding MySQL Internals

Sasha Pachev: Understanding MySQL Internals; ISBN 978-0-596-00957-1; Published by O'Reilly, 234 pp., RRP AU$ 105

This is a valuable companion text to High Performance MySQL, also published by O'Reilly.

MediaWiki: Wikipedia and Beyond

Daniel Barrett: MediaWiki: Wikipedia and Beyond; ISBN 978-0-596-51979-7; Published by O'Reilly, 358 pp., RRP AU$ 85

Wiki is ubiquitous, Wiki-this and Wiki-that are encountered at every turn; Google searches frequently throw up—in the first few references—links to articles in Wikipedia, which runs under the most popular wiki platform, MediaWiki.

The Manga Guide to Statistics

Shin Takashi: The Manga Guide to Statistics; ISBN 978-1-59327-189-3; Published by No Starch Press, 215 pp., RRP AU$ 37.95

Contrary to some opinions, manga is not a recent creation, but is a very long-standing Japanese tradition. "Manga, literally translated, means 'whimsical pictures'.

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