The Manga Guide to Physics

Reviewed by Major Keary

Your physics is rusty and you want to reacquaint yourself with the subject? The Manga Guide to Physics is a great way to brush up—or even learn for the first time—how to walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk. It follows the Manga Guide format of using a comic strip story line to explain and illustrate the concepts and terminology of an academic subject to beginners.

At various points plain text and 'labs' are used to summarise the 'lessons' and more formally present the content. Those sections are exceptionally well presented. There is no skimping on the maths side, all the relevant physics formulae are presented with formal, but clear language, annotations.

A wonderful introduction for children approaching physics for the first time, and a very handy crib for those of us who need a refresher. Well worth looking at just for the innovative approach to presenting a science subject.

Hideo Nitta: The Manga Guide to Physics
ISBN 978-1-59327-196-1
Published by No Starch Press, 232 pp., RRP AU$ 37.95

The Australian distributor of No Starch Press publications is Woodslane <>


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