Review: Spam

Ending Spam

Reviewed by Major Keary

If Omar Khayyám were penning verse today he might have mused,

"I wonder what the spammers receive
One half so obnoxious
As the crap they weave".

Spam irritates most of us, which has resuilted in quite a body of literature about spam and its leading perpetrators; however, much of it is historical rather than technical. There are books about—or that mention—how to apply spam detection software, but they tend to be sparse on the methodology used by spammers and anti-spammers.

Some remedies involve time and effort that is just as irksome as the spam, and present-generation filters are rapidly losing their effectiveness as spammers resort to tricks that "obfuscate their text so that it's human readable, but not very machine readable" [Ending Spam].

Review: Modern Web Design

Modern Web Design

Modern web design with JavaScript and DOM

Reviewed by Major Keary

Another title from the impressive stable of SitePoint, DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM has been written for "people who have built websites before" and who have experience working with HTML and CSS. Notice the use of 'modern web design'; web technologies are constantly changing and SitePoint is at the forefront of documenting the latest standards, techniques, and tools.

Review: BSD Hacks

BSD Hacks

100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools

Reviewed by Major Keary

This book, BSD Hacks, covers a number of BSD variants (FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, and Darwin) and is relevant to any other BSD-flavoured operating system.

FreeBSD and OpenBSD have increasingly gained traction in educational institutions, nonprofit organisations, and enterprises worldwide because they provide significant security advantages over Linux.

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