LUV Special Interest Groups

For those of you who want to gather more specifically like-minded souls, LUV has two Special Interest Groups. SIGs are a part of LUV, but are organised independently of the general committee, and focus on a particular interest. They may or may not have regular meetings; it's completely up to the organisers.

Currently LUV has seven SIGs:

  • Programmers SIG - For those of you interested in programming under Linux. It has regular meetings, and its list name is programmers-sig.
  • Linux Gamers - For the gamer in all of us. The LGL does not have regular meetings but organizes LAN parties and other social events. Its list name is games-sig, and most of its members can be found in #lgl on
  • Security SIG - aims to discuss various aspects of Security on and intersecting with Linux. Includes SELinux discussion.
  • Debian SIG - covers everything to do with Debian, from using to developing it; does not have regular meetings.
  • Red Hat SIG - covers everything to do with Red Hat and Fedora, from using to developing it; has regular meetings.
  • Education SIG - interested in promoting and supporting the use of Linux and other Free and Open Source Software across the education sector; does not have regular meetings.
  • Embedded SIG - covers all things embedded; does not have regular meetings.

If you're interested in starting a SIG, please read the call for SIGs, and contact the LUV committee. Please note that, while the committee will assist you, the bulk of organisation for SIGs has to be done by the SIG itself.