Topic suggestions for LUV talks

Would you like to present a talk to LUV? Do you have a suggestion for a talk you would like to hear at a LUV meeting? If so then read on.

LUV holds regular meetings and the committee is always on the lookout for someone who would like to present a talk, or topics people would like to hear about.

If you have any suggestions for talks please email luv-vice-president (at)

Beginners talks

These should of use to the new Linux user - think very simple tasks.

  • Burning CDs
  • Mail handling: sendmail/fetchmail/procmail/spamassassin
  • Printing, including how to cancel print jobs
  • printcap and printfilters
  • Using Open Office, including one or more of: installing, basic usage to one or more of the components, mail merges, importing file, spellchecker options, styles.
  • Playing a DVD
  • Connecting a scanner
  • Choosing a browser
  • Why do I have to press the apostrophie key twice to get the '?
  • Crossover Office
  • basic service management
  • gpg and trust
  • CUPS
  • What you can do to help to help Open Source or Linux
  • KDE and how to make the most of it
  • Getting Linux and OS X to co-exist nicely
  • Connecting to the net (how to setup PPP and or a cable modem)

Main talks

These are aimed at the more experienced Linux user and could cover just about
any topic. They don't have to cover to topic in detail, and introduction to one
of the below topics would make a good Main Talk.

  • Web, ISDN, XSTN, cable, fibre
  • BSD
  • Unicode
  • Virus Scanning
  • Making RPMs
  • games
  • OpenLDAP
  • Maya
  • MagicPoint and Dia
  • Community Wireless Networking
  • Squid, Apache
  • Esmith
  • Relational Databases
  • c, perl, and programming
  • laptops
  • Hands off installing using kickstart
  • Tape drives and Backups
  • System Resque techniques
  • Tips on configuration control for production systems
  • Keeping systems up to date with red hat network
  • principles of packet filtering with iptables
  • Using Linux in the production of Newspapers
  • UML for multihosting (user mode linux)
  • Rolling out linux on lots of boxes
  • programming microcontrollers
  • Linux for the blind
  • WWW accesability for the blind
  • Audio engineering
  • Performance monitoring using PCP and XFS
  • RADIUS and PPP authentication
  • How to configure Apache as a web server and connect
    other Linux workstations to it and share the internet.
  • How to use PHP with Apache. Some examples of downloading
    PHP sites and getting them working.
  • Using MySQL with PHP to construct simple web sites with a database.
  • Making a Linux Boot disk (floppy or CD)
  • Essential tools/services (bash, cron, logrotate, vi/pico/emacs, SSH...)
  • Tuning your system (uninstalling/disabling services, scheduled maintenance...)
  • Firewalls and bandwidth management
  • Connecting to the net (ifconfig, PPP, PPPoE, VPNs, routing...)
  • Monitoring systems/services (log files, snort...)
  • User administration (PAM, file permissions, password policies...)