Ballarat Install Fest


An install fest. (Remember them?)
Where competent members of LUV volunteer their time to introduce people to Linux by installing a distribution on their computers.


Saturday, 18th March at Ballarat University Technology Park.


Because we haven't done one for a while.
Because we haven't *ever* done one in regional Victoria.
Linux Users of Victoria is about to earn it's name.

Call for Volunteers!!!

LUV needs volunteers willing to help out with installation and various administrative, and gophering tasks.


On the 29th of November 2003, LUV will be holding an installfest atMelbourne University (Northern Dining Hall, Union Building).
An installfest is an event where people new to Linux bring theircomputers along to get Linux installed and configured by a group ofexperienced Linux users. See The installfest page for more details about the installfest.

LUV Installfest 2003

Every year, LUV holds an installfest ,
where people who haven't used linux before can have their linux
distribution of their choice installed for them.

The installfest will be held at this
location. Sorry , the link doesn't work yet

Sign up here
If you would like to join as an

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