Debian SIG

Casual meeting of the Debian SIG, 16th of December

I know it's late notice but I thought we might have a casual meeting of the debian sig on the 16th of December.

I'll probably demo the sarge installer. and chat about what people think the sig should cover.

We might do a little training for debian newbies and such as the facilities exist at computerbank already it's really down to what people are interested in.

I'm planning to use Computerbank as the venue for this

92 Rosslyn St West Melbourne

7pm -> 9pm

Debian SIG

There is a new SIG for LUV , and its all about Debian.

The SIG is:

  • Open to anyone with an interest in Debian, irrespective of your level of expertise - beginners are as welcome as package maintainers, guru kernel hackers, or even Debian Project Leaders
  • Hopefully going to be a springboard for support, open source software projects, discussions and events that are too specialised for the general LUV monthly meeting.

To join the debian sig , send a mail to sympa (at) with a message body of "subscrib

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