Library of LUV

Library of LUV is a collection of books available for loan to members.

The canonical list of library books is at our LibraryThing, including the current location of the book (if blank, it's with the committee).

The LUV Wiki page LoLbooks provides a queue of people who want to borrow a book.

Mailing Lists

The group maintains a number of mailing lists for LUV members. They are:

luv-main: The main luv mailing list, for LUV- and Linux-related discussions and questions.
luv-talk: For LUV members who just want to chat to like minded people about anything at all.
luv-beginners: For newcomers to ask Linux questions and get answers. List motto, "there are no stupid questions."


This is a collection of presentations and tutorials which have been either written by LUV members, or presented at the monthly LUV meetings. Please bear in mind that all material available from here is copyrighted by the respective authors.

Would you like to give a presentation to LUV? If so, please read the Presenting instructions page, and then contact either the Luv Vice President or if you get no response, try the Luv Committee.

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