Security SIG

The security-sig mailing list is a Linux Users Victoria (LUV) special interest group, and aims to discuss various aspects of Security on and intersecting with Linux. experience levels are welcome.

Embedded SIG

This group exists to be a place for people who work with, or use embedded linux systems.

Meetings are currently held at:


Level 8, Blackwood House

14-20 Blackwood Street,

North Melbourne

Possible talks in the future

Denis Dowling

  • real-time kernel extensions
  • EtherBoot
  • LinuxBIOS

Curtis Maloney

  • One wire comms protocol ?

If you would like to add a talk to this list , please send a mail to pizza (at)

Due to the nature of embedded development, talks which focus purely on hardware, or manufacturing are on-topic for this group.

Mailing lists

The Embedded SIG has a mailing list set up for people to discuss things , you can join it by sending mail to sympa (at) with the phrase subscribe embedded-sig in the body of the message.

Previous talks

Rolling your own linux distro by Denis Dowling

LUV Special Interest Groups

For those of you who want to gather more specifically like-minded souls, LUV has two Special Interest Groups. SIGs are a part of LUV, but are organised independently of the general committee, and focus on a particular interest. They may or may not have regular meetings; it's completely up to the organisers.

Currently LUV has seven SIGs:

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