NOTICE: New list archiving policy

This is public notice about the new list archiving policy as approved by the membership of the Linux Users of Victoria at the 2006 AGM held on the 5th of September.

Starting January 1st 2007 ALL posts made to LUV lists will be publicly archived and accessible to search engines.

This includes:

  • LUV-main
  • LUV-talk
  • And all the sigs

To respect the privacy of the former closed lists we will not allow public access to archived posts made before that date, however LUV members will continue to be able to access them.

Site Upgrade

We've upgraded the software that runs this site. Some things may have broken in the process, so if you find something that's broken, please let us know via email to luv-ctte (at) luv (dot) asn (dot) au

The calendar should now be working, and I think we've managed to fix all the broken links, but if you do find any, please let us know.

LUV moves to sympa

LUV has finally moved to the Sympa mailing list manager, after using Majordomo for so long. This will make things a lot easier for everyone, and we get things like a webmail interface , list archives for very little effort.

In the past , being a mailing list admin for luv required spending maybe 10-20 minutes a day, and longer on weekends , handling bounce messages that would arise from luv members who's email address had ceased to exist, detecting and fixing mail loops , etc. A list of luv's size meant that you could easily get 600 or more bounce messages a day. This because rather burdonsome to handle , and it became harder to find people to admin the luv lists.

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