Mailing Lists

The group maintains a number of mailing lists for LUV members. They are:

luv-main: The main luv mailing list, for LUV- and Linux-related discussions and questions.
luv-talk: For LUV members who just want to chat to like minded people about anything at all.
luv-beginners: For newcomers to ask Linux questions and get answers. List motto, "there are no stupid questions."

Fun with daylight savings

There may be a bug with drupal, to do with how it handles daylight savings. Please refresh any new page with times on it , so you get the real time, and not a time which is one hour wrong.

LUV Election Results.

The election results are in and LUV has a new committee. Graeme Cross (our returning officer) sent the following notification:

The election results were accepted at the AGM this evening.

The new LUV committee is: Jason King (President), Kim Oldfield (Vice-President), Katharine Welch (Secretary), John Mann (Treasurer), and Daniel Stone, Stuart Young, Grant Diffey, and Andrew Chalmers (ordinary committee members); thanks to everyone involved in the process.

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