Presenting at Linux users of Victoria

Two talks are usually presented at the main LUV meetings. One aimed at beginners, or introducing a new tool, technique, application or distribution. The second talk is generally more technical or goes into greater depth. Both presentations are about 30 - 45 minutes long including time for questions. We also have tutorials and workshops at our beginners meetings on Saturdays which are typically up to two hours long including time for questions, followed by another two hours of discussion and general assistance to members.

January 2004 BBQ

This January LUV will again be holding it's annual BBQ.
Saturday, 10 January 2003 at Surrey Park in Box Hill.
This is instead of the monthly Tuesday meeting.

December 2003 LUV meeting - MySQL; file permissions

In the December LUV meeting
Arjen Lentz will be talking about MySQL, and Kim Oldfield will present an introduction to Unix file permissions.

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