November 2003 LUV meeting - Debian Project; Fedora Linux

On Wednesday, 5 November 2003 (note the change of day to avoid Melbourne Cup day),
Martin Michlmayr, Debian Project Leader, will present a talk about how the Debian project works, and Richard Keech will talk about Fedora Linux.

October 2003 LUV meeting - Postfix; Beowulf Cluster

Tuesday, October 7th 2003, 7pm. Keith Owens will present "How I learnt to stop worrying and kill the spam", and Robin Humble will talk about "Building a Bigger Beowulf".

2nd September 2003, meeting, High Availability Clustering

On Tuesday 2nd September 2003
Grant Diffey will present
Instant Messaging - a brief overview, and
Richard Keech will present
High-Availability Clustering on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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