LUV Meeting - Tuesday 3 June 2003 - NSA Security Enhanced Linux

Russell Coker will present a talk on NSA Security Enhanced Linux, and Jason King will present an introduction to Awk.

LUV Meeting - Tuesday 6 May 2003 - "Linux and Windows"

Daniel Stone will present an introductory talk on X windows,
followed by
Mike MacCana presenting on Linux and Windows Interoperability.
Talks begin at 7:00pm.

Topic suggestions for LUV talks

Would you like to present a talk to LUV? Do you have a suggestion for a talk you would like to hear at a LUV meeting? If so then read on.

LUV holds regular meetings and the committee is always on the lookout for someone who would like to present a talk, or topics people would like to hear about.

If you have any suggestions for talks please email luv-vice-president (at)

Beginners talks

These should of use to the new Linux user - think very simple tasks.

  • Burning CDs
  • Mail handling: sendmail/fetchmail/procmail/spamassassin
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