LUV Meeting - Tuesday 1 April 2003 - "The Acacia Firewall"

Richard Keech will present the Acacia Firewall, an open source IP Tables
configuration tool for Linux.

Jason King will present a talk on how to find more stuff: Regular expressions.

LUV Meeting - Tuesday 4th March - "MySQL"

This month Arjen Lentz will be presenting a talk on "MySQL". and Kim Oldfield will present an "Introduction to Unix filesystems". Arjen Lentz works for MySQL AB, the company that owns and develops the MySQL database software and is responsible for the MySQL manual, as well as training courses in Australia.
Update 5 March. The overheads are now

LUV Meeting - Tuesday 4th February - "IP and iptables"

The talks this month will be: "IP and iptables" by Matthew Wallis (main presentation), and a wrapup of what happened at the recent in Perth (secondary presentation).

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