LUV installfest 2002

Here is up to the minute (more or less) news and info about the installfest.

It will be hold at Strathcona girls' school in Canterbury, on the 23rd of November.

As of the 5th of November, we have 45 people wanting to have Linux installs done.

Installfest 2002 Registration

Registrations for the LUV 2002 Installfest (on the 23rd of November) are now open!

  • To register as an installee, please click here.
  • To register as a volunteer, click here.
  • To see the latest news about the installfest, click here

See you there! Regional Delegate Program

Thinking of attending 2003,
but don't have the means to get there? Fear not; thanks to Sun Microsystems, the organisers are running a Regional Delegate Program, that allows one person from each state and territory to attend with all major expenses paid for them courtesy of Sun. Read on for more.

Update, Dec 13th by Daniel S: The LUV selection committee has met and decided our winner, this information has been forwarded to the LCA organizers. Expect an announcement soon. Thanks to all who entered!

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