Linux Conference in Perth

In January 2003, there will be the latest installment of LCA (Linux Conference Australia). For more details, please go to the LCA web page. There will also be two attached mini-conferences - the Debian Mini-Conference, and the educationaLinux Mini-Conference. Both will run in the preceding two days.

Installfest - November 23rd

On the 23rd of November, Linux Users Victoria Inc, in conjunction with Melbourne Wireless, will be holding an installfest at Strathcona Girls Grammar School in Canterbury. An installfest is an event where people new to Linux are able bring their computers along to get Linux installed and configured by a group of more experienced Linux users.

CALU photos, day 2

Day 2 started (late) with the keynote speech and then the first threesessions of short talks/papers. We ordered 120 pizzas for dinner andafterwards went off for the BOF sessions.

Saturday was sponsored by TPC, the local distributors of Cyclades products.
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