CALU photos, page 1

These are pictures from CALU '99,the first Conference of Australian Linux Users in Melbourne, Australia. Linux Australia have a page with more information.
This is the day before the conference proper, with last minute disorganising to be done and the speakers dinner in the evening.

LUV Events

Apart from the monthly meetings held, LUV has hosted a few special events, such as Installfests, and also helped out with CALU - the Conference of Australian Linux Users, which mutated into LCA (, and started touring the nation.

  • First LUV installfest - hosted at Melrose House, details are here.
  • Second LUV installfest - hosted at MLC, details are here.
  • Robert Hart - State of Linux

    Robert Hart from Red Hat Software in the US came to speak to us last Thursday at a special LUV meeting. Over 70 people crammed into the MLC room to hear Robert give a "pre-release" version of his AUUG98 keynote speech "The State of Linux." The following is a brief summary of Robert's presentation by LUV member Mike Battersby.

    The State of Linux

    Linux Install Base

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