2008 Election Results

The election results are in!

The members of the new committee are:

President: Donna Benjamin
Vice President: Avi Miller
Secretary: Jiri Baum
Treasurer: Wen Lin
Ordinary Committee Members: Rodney Brown, Peter Lieverdink, James Turnbull

Documents from the 2008 Annual General Meeting:

LUV Committee

Below are the details of the currently elected committee for 2018-2019.

To reach the entire LUV committee, you can email luv-ctte at the domain


Andrew Chalmers

Vice President
Andrew Pam

Paul Leopardi

Wen Lin

Ordinary Members

Rodney Brown
Russell Coker
Lev Lafayette
Jim de Saint-Ferjeux
Andrew Worsley

Contacting LUV

If you need to get in touch with LUV, you can reach us by the following methods:

LUV Committee

E-mail: luv-ctte (at)

Andrew Chalmers, LUV President

E-mail: luv-president (at)

(the above addresses will drop mail that is not addressed directly to it in To: or Cc: headers as an anti-spam prevention measure)

Postal mail:

Linux Users of Victoria, Inc.
PO Box 15
Carlton South
Victoria 3053

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