Leon Brooks Hospitalised After Car Accident

Leon Brooks (who runs CyberKnights in Perth and is a well known, well liked and vocal open source and Linux proponent) has suffered severe head injuries in a car crash in Perth on Saturday night and is now in intensive care. The original report was on the PLUG mailing list of which Leon is a member.

Leon, LUV sends you and your family its best regards and we hope you make a speedy and thorough recovery. Get well soon!

Nominations for the 2005 Committee Election

The current list of nominations for the 2005 Committee Elections are as follows:


I would just like to apologise for the large amount of reminder messages. A number of small issues have compounded to produce a bigger issue.

We sent out list reminders to members of all the lists. Unfortunately Sympa decided to also send out reminder announcements when the reminder time for each list was set, so everything has been duplicated. It also looks like some of the lists actually got doubled up, so some people will get 3 reminders.

On top of this, we had a mail server config issue that stopped some people from communicating with the LUV server. This has now been rectified, however the mail server had to be restarted a number of times, so this may actually have caused some messages to be sent out more than once.

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