LUV Election Results.

The election results are in and LUV has a new committee. Graeme Cross (our returning officer) sent the following notification:

The election results were accepted at the AGM this evening.

The new LUV committee is: Jason King (President), Kim Oldfield (Vice-President), Katharine Welch (Secretary), John Mann (Treasurer), and Daniel Stone, Stuart Young, Grant Diffey, and Andrew Chalmers (ordinary committee members); thanks to everyone involved in the process.

August 2003 meeting

Leigh Dyer will present Linux on PowerPC: A User's Perspective,
Troy Dack will present An introduction to Gentoo,
and the committee will hold the AGM and present the
election results.

It's time to vote for a new committee

As in the last couple of years, voting for this year's committee elections is being conducted online, via the LUV web site.

Voting is now open for the various
(as of Wednesday, July 2nd 2003) and will run until 19:00 Monday, August 4th.

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