September 2005 LUV meeting - Annual General Meeting, BitTorrent, Software Freedom Day


We're now holding meetings between 7pm and 9pm at the Buzzard Lecture Theatre of the Evan Burge Building of Trinity College. Details and pointers to maps below. Many thanks to Red Hat who now sponsor our venue.

Annual General Meeting

Every year LUV has an Annual General Meeting where the members vote on who will be on the new committee, and to hear the Treasurer's report. Please
note that the AGM should start at 7pm sharp, so please be there on time if you wish to participate.

The Agenda for the AGM is as follows:

  • Confirm the minutes of the 2004 AGM
  • President's report
  • Treasurer's report
  • Election of committee

BitTorrent by Russell Coker

Bittorrent is a system for distributing the load of serving large files. If you want to send out a large file (such as a CD or DVD image) but don't have the bandwidth needed to cater to all the users then Bittorrent allows every person who is downloading the file to also send the data that they have received to other people. Also if you want to support a project you can have your machine send out CD or DVD images while you are not using it.

Russell will describe how to use Bittorrent for sending and receiving files, how to configure firewalls for best performance, and how to run it from cron jobs.

Software Freedom Day By Andrew Chalmers

Andrew will be giving us an introduction to what Software Freedom Day is,
what will be happening, and how you can help. Software Freedom Day this year
falls on September the 10th, and more information can be found at


We are hoping to have more talks on the night, however we do not yet have the final details. These will hopefully follow shortly.

Future Talks

We are always in need of talks, particularly when schedules change and a speaker is suddenly unable to make an arranged talk. If you have something
Linux related that you want to present a talk about, whether it be for this coming meeting or future meetings, contact with the


Tuesday, 6th September 2005
7:00pm to 9:00pm


The Buzzard Lecture Theatre
Evan Burge Building
Trinity College Main Campus
Melways Map: 2B C5

Notes:Trinity College's Main Campus is located off Royal Parade. The Evan Burge Building is located near the Tennis Courts. Maps of Trinity and the surrounding area (including its relation to the city) can be found at:

Parking can be found along or near Royal Parade, Grattan Street, Swanston Street and College Crescent. Parking within Trinity College is unfortunately only available to staff. If you are interested in coming to dinner afterwards, it may be advisable to park on the Swanston St side of Melbourne University.

For those coming via Public Transport, the number 19 tram (North Coburg - City) passes by the main entrance of Trinity College (around stop 12). The city end of this tram departs from the Elizabeth Street tram terminus (Flinders Street end). Timetables can be found on-line at


Before and/or after each meeting those who are interested are welcome to join other members for dinner. We are open to suggestions for a good place
to eat near our new venue. Lygon Street is a short walk away, and seems a likely direction to head after the meeting.

LUV would like to acknowledge Red Hat for their help in obtaining this venue.

The latest version of this announcement, and other important information regarding LUV meetings can be found at

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